Zoiper IAX configuration

Zoiper is a free SIP/IAX softphone. Here is the configuration for Zoiper IAX account. SIP can be set up in a similar way. Zoiper SIP configuration is also available.

Step 1

Click the "Option" icon as shown below:
zoiper setup

Step 2

Click "Add new IAX account" and give it a name such as "ClicknCall":

Zoiper IAX configuration

Step 3

Type in your ClicknCall username and password (Note: Please use the ones contained in your original Welcome email) and click Apply or OK.
Please try not to copy/paste the username/password from the welcome email because sometimes an extra space could be introduced when copying/paste thus making the password wrong.
Please try typing them in instead.
Zoiper configuration

Step 4

Start making cheap calls! Please remember to include area code such as 02, 03, 07, 08 in front if you are calling Australian landlines.

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