ClicknCall is a leading provider of voice over IP (VoIP) services for both business and residential customers. We offer a comprehensive suite of services including broadband phone, audio conferencing, callback, and calling card services. ClicknCall prides itself on delivering the best rates, quality, and customer satisfaction in the industry.

If you have an existing NBN or 5G Internet connection you can take advantage of Clickncall's no-contract, pre-paid phone plan. Check out some of the best international call rates available in Australia, built on carrier grade connectivities.

Do you know you don't have to take up the phone service offer from your Internet service provider? By taking up Clickncall's voip phone service you have complete control over your phone plan and can use it anywhere in the world where there is a good Internet connection. You can expect all the features and flexibilities from a VoIP service provider.

With the rollout of NBN and other types of high speed Internet most telephone services are carried over the Internet. VoIP not only offers lower cost, increased accessibility, flexibility, but also clearer voice quality, complete portability and higher scalability compared to traditional copper phone network(PSTN).

Australian owned and operated for over a decade, ClicknCall is a fair dinkum service provider you can depend on. Come and give us a try today, sign up is easy and automated. Everything is pre-paid with no contract so there is absolutely no bill shock. Now is the best time to transfer your PBX, home or business phone services to a provider with great customer satisfaction.

Our broadband phone service includes many features such as "webcall"("callback service") and PBX services customized to your business requirements. You can connect any two phones in the world with click of a button. You don't even need a broadband Internet connection to enjoy the best VoIP rate. ClicknCall VoIP phone service also functions like a calling card without any hardware or software if you like to use it that way.

Among many other features, clickncall provides one of the best audio conference facilities in Australia. All you need is a web browser to initial a multi-party business audio conference using our ultra competitive call rates.

Sign up today, all you need to do is to follow these three simple steps to setup your broadband VoIP phone service:

  1. Register today
  2. Download a softphone (optional)
  3. Login and start calling

If you like to use VoIP on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone please see instruction here.

High quality cheap international calls highlights

Cheap international calls to| Rates (AUD) per minute from| $10 gives you call time of
cheap calls to UK UK Mobiles25 ¢40 minutes
cheap calls to New Zealand New Zealand Mobiles12.1 ¢83 Minutes
cheap calls to Italy Italy Mobiles 21 ¢ 47 Minutes
cheap calls to Vietnam Vietnam 6 ¢166 Minutes
cheap calls to India India 2.0 ¢ 500 Minutes
cheap calls to Philippines Philippines 17.9 ¢ 55 Minutes
cheap calls to Greece Greece Mobiles 32 ¢ 31 Minutes
cheap calls to South Africa South Africa 9.9 ¢ 101 Minutes
cheap calls to Germany Germany Mobiles 23 ¢ 43 Minutes
cheap calls to Netherlands Netherlands Mobiles 19 ¢ 52 Minutes
cheap calls to Lebanon Lebanon 18 ¢ 55 Minutes
cheap calls to Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 12.7 ¢ 78 Minutes
cheap calls to Indonesia Indonesia Mobiles 8.23 ¢ 122 Minutes
cheap calls to Poland Poland Mobiles 17 ¢ 58 Minutes
cheap calls to Fiji Fiji Islands 27.6 ¢ 36 Minutes
cheap calls to Ireland Ireland Mobiles 32 ¢ 31 Minutes
cheap calls to Croatia Croatia Mobiles 15 ¢ 66 Minutes
cheap calls to South Korea South Korea Mobiles 6.5 ¢ 153 Minutes

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