VoIP on iPhone and Android

is a free VoIP(Voice over IP) softphone. You can install it on your smart phone and make cheap VoIP calls over your existing WiFi or 3G Internet data connection.

Note: The following steps are only required once to set up voip on your smart phone. There is no need to repeat this process when you open Zoiper to make calls.

Step 1: Install Zoiper

Download and install Zoiper from iTune if you use iPhone, iPad or iPod. Download it from Google Play Store if you use Android.

Step 2: Start Zoiper and scan the QR code

If you are using iPhone, iPad or iPod:
iPhone VoIP
If you are using an Android device:
Android VoIP

Step 3: Scan the QR code

Scan the following QR code below:
ClicknCall QR image

Step 4: Fill in the usernme and password

The username and password are the ones as shown in the original Welcome email you received from ClicknCall.
Sip username password
Now you are ready to start making cheap calls! Please remember to include area code such as 02, 03, 07, 08 in front if you are calling Australian landlines.

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