Webcall: Connect any two phones anywhere in the world

You can use our webcall features to connect any two phones in the world and you don't even need a broadband connection to do that!
1) First log into your member area(from the top right corner of this page).
2) Click on "Webcall" from the left menu after logged in.
3) Enter your own phone number in the first input box, and the destination phone number in the second input box.
Hit Enter and your phone will start ringing, once you pick it up we will connect the second leg of the call and the other phone will start to ring and you are connected.

ANI callback

ANI stands for "Automatic Number Identification".
1) Log into our website using your username and password received.
2) Click "ANI Callback" link from the left menu.
3) Enter your home phone 02xxxxxxxx, or mobile phone 04xxxxxxxx then hit "Submit".

Once you setup the CallerID in the above steps you call our access number in Australia. Our system will check the CallerID then disconnect your call (so that you won't be charged on this call). If the calling number is in the Caller ID list you register, our system will ring your number in a couple of seconds. When your phone rings just pick it up and you will be prompted to enter the number you wish to dial(the second leg) followed by the "#" key. This way you can enjoy our supa cheap phone rates even without any internet connection. ANI callback is popular with mobile too because you can enjoy the cheap $0.15/min rate to Australian mobile.

Note: For callback service there will be two call charges (if both legs are connected). If the second leg is not connected then only the first leg will be charged.

Call Forward

If you already have account(s) with other VSP we can also forward your DIDs to your ClicknCallnow account free. We can also forward it to any phone number of your choice using your SIP trunk.

Click2Call button: Receive calls from your website.

Two in three people that start doing business online don't complete the transaction. Research has shown this reduces to one in three when a Click2Call button is added to a website offering immediate telephone connection to a real person.

Here is how it works: Install a "Click2Call button" on your website, it looks similar to this:

When anyone clicks on the above Click2Call button they are taken to a pop-up that allows them to enter their telephone number. We will call them and patch the call to your norminated phone number(can be any phone number in the world). This call is free for your website visitors.

Post your Click2Call button on an eBay auction, on a personal web page, on your MySpace profile, on your blog, or on a corporate website to collect customer feedback. The possibilities are endless. You can take advantage of our incredible competitive phone rates and connect to your potential customers instantly. It's easy to install and there is no contract, no setup fee and no commitment. All call details are updated live in your CnCn member area. Contact us if you like to set up a webcall button.

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