Send SMS messages from your computer for just 5 cents per message.

web SMS

You can send SMS using your web browser to almost any mobile phones around the world. You can also "receive SMS" reply even without a mobile phone handset or a mobile number.

5 cents SMS Only 5 cents per SMS message sent to most countries (including Australia). Most SMS messages are delivered within 3 seconds. ClicknCall has a very comprehensive network coverage on SMS. There is no minimum SMS to send in order to secure that low price, no contract, no monthly fee, no setup fee and no hidden fee. It's very easy to use at only 5 cents per message and no cost to receive SMS reply.

Here's how to send SMS message from your web browser:
1) Log into the ClicknCall member area and click on the "Send SMS" link from the left menu.
2) Enter your destination mobile phone number or choose receipient from your address book.
Type in your text message in the text message box and click "Send SMS". In most cases your text message will be delivered within 3 seconds and you will get a confirmation message back on the browser to tell you if your text message has been sent or not.

You can set your text message sender ID so that the text message appears to be sent directly from your own mobile phone or your company name. The SMS message receipient can reply your SMS message and the reply goes directly to your mobile phone. You can also use our "two way SMS" without extra cost and receive SMS reply into your online SMS inbox. This is a great way to keep in touch with friends and families when you travel overseas and don't have access to your own mobile. You can still view SMS anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet access. And receiving messages online has no extra cost to you.

SMS reminder You can schedule your SMS to be sent at a particular date time.
This SMS reminder feature is great for appointment or meeting reminders and confirmation. It's more cost effective to SMS your customers to confirm appointments than calling them. It saves you and your staff time and help improve your business bottom line.
We have the most reliable and robust SMS system available to help you communicate better with your customers.
You will not be disappointed by our business grade SMS system.

We also have SMS HTTP/HTTPS API available to all account holders if you want to develope your own SMS application.

Want to send cheap SMS worldwide from your Android smart phone using Wifi or 3G connections? We have an Android SMS sender application you can download for free from the Android market. At just 5c per message sent to most countries, it's much cheaper than using your own mobile carrier to send the SMS. It's also fast and reliable.

It's simple, easy to use and it will give you a lot of sms fun.

Voice SMS or voice text messages

Voice SMS Voice SMS service plays back an audio message to the recipient by calling your recipient's landline or mobile phone.
Our voice SMS service allows you to convert text in multiple languages into a surprisingly realistic human voice using the latest AI tecnology. The converted text can be spoken in a male or female's voice and is flexible with length. The advantage of voice SMS is that it can be sent to both mobile and landline. In many occasions, voice communication creates stronger bond than traditional text messages.

Two way SMS

SMS just gets better with "two way" SMS.

We offer a "shared" Australian mobile number so you can receive SMS without having to own a mobile number.

This same number is used by all Clickncall customers. How it works is you send the first SMS to your receipient from the Clickncall website, then any subsequent SMS received from that receipient is forwarded to your account email(as well as showing in your web portal).

It's a great way to keep in touch when you are overseas and still like to receive SMS from Australia. Or you simply don't own a mobile but still like to receive SMS.

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