ClicknCall Spend Management Tools

All ClicknCall accounts are pre-paid so the absolute maximum you can spend is what you have already pre-paid. These measures/tools available to all ClicknCall customers free of charge to manage your pre-paid credit:

How can I control the amount I spend on my services?

  • Track & monitor usage by logging into your ClicknCall online web portal (top right of the page).
  • Request barring on call types that you do not use i.e International calls.
  • Check your usage by calling us on 1300 857 138 or email
  • Stop recharging your pre-paid account.

How can I see my unbilled usage?

We offer pre-paid services only, there won't be any unbilled usage under normal circumstance. Your pre-paid credit should not go under a balance of $0.00.

How quickly is my usage updated?

There is no delay when usage occurs and when it appears in your ClicknCall online web portal.

How do you I view previous bills and usage?

Login to your ClicknCall online web portal and you can view the last 24 months bills. If you need older period call/bill details you can contact us using the contact details available on our website.

How can I block certain call types from being used on my phone services?

If you know you wont use a certain type of call for example international calls then we can restrict access call us on 1300 857 138 or email

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