Appointment of Advocate

As per the TCP code ClicknCall allows appointment of advocates and authorized representatives.

Here is a basic description of each:

Advocate means a person nominated by a Consumer to deal with a Supplier on the Consumers behalf (but unlike an Authorised Representative, does not act as the Consumers agent nor have authority to access any of the Consumers account information from the Supplier). A person acting as their Advocate has no power to act on the Consumers behalf and has no access to their information without the Consumer being present and agreeing to such action.

Authorised Representative means the person who has authority from a Consumer to deal with a Supplier on behalf of that Consumer as their authorised agent. A person made an Authorised Representative has the power to act on the Consumers behalf as if they are the Consumer or, if the Authorised Representative has more limited rights, the level of access that the Authorised Representative has to the Customers information.

We may presume that an Advocate is not authorised to establish or make changes to a Customer's account or Telecommunications Services, unless the Advocate is also the Customer's Authorised Representative.

To appoint an Advocate or Authorized Representative please fill in and send back the form located at the following link: Appointment of Advocate or Authorised representative.

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