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269 days agoIn response to one-way audio issues with UK landline calls, we've switched to a new carrier for UK calls, resulting in adjustments to our call rates. Rate changes are common in the industry to maintain quality service. We encourage you to visit our website regularly to stay updated on the latest rates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.
406 days agoPlease note that the price of our SMS service has been adjusted from 5 cents to 8 cents per standard length message. This change is a result of increased costs and our decision to switch to a more robust upstream provider. We remain committed to providing you with reliable and efficient communication solutions. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
488 days agoExciting news for ChatGPT fans! Clickncall just launched an Android app ChatGPT Character Dialogue Generator powered by ChatGPT that brings your favourite characters to life in funny conversations!

Get ready for some epic showdowns as you mix and match characters from different eras, genres, and ideologies and countries. Imagine Homer Simpson asking to borrow Darth Vader's helmet to drink his beer, Albert Einstein and Dracula discussing the mysteries of the universe. It supports many languages input. With the Character Dialogue Generator, you're in control of the fun!

And hey, if you love the app, please don't forget to rate it and leave a review. We value your feedback and strive to make the app even better with each update.

1119 days agoThere are some recent changes:

1) If you are using the calling card method to make calls there is an updated list of access numbers here.

2) The SMS rate has dropped to an incredible 5c per SMS message. This is the most competitive SMS rate available on the market today.

1136 days ago*IMPORTANT Update*:

1) All untimed international calls have changed to per minute call rates.
(After maintaining untimed calls for many international destinations for over a decade it's finally time to start a new chapter. This is due to long term sustainability issue, market dynamics and the need to ensure quality of service over the long run for our customers.)

2) Australian mobile rate has dropped to a low 11c per minute.

1137 days agoThe new Voice SMS is here. You can type in a text message, we will convert it to a voice message using the most advanced AI available today, we then call your recipient's number and play that voice message once the call is answered. It supports multiple languages input and works on both mobile and landline.
2294 days agoWe have developed an Android SMS2Email application which can forward your incoming SMS to your email address.

This is useful if you have two smart phones and you can leave one at home when you go overseas and still be able to check your SMS without bringing the sim card with you.

2313 days agoWe have published a new Android SMS application to replace the old one. You can find it from Google Play store here: ClicknCall Web SMS. It's a handy app to use if you are travelling overseas or if your current mobile carrier charges you more than 10c per sms. Just like the old version, you can over-stamp the sms message with your own mobile number by setting the CCID and TOKEN in the app.

This newer version retains the simple, no fuss approach and has a nicer interface and works better with newer devices as well as older ones. You might need to uninstall the old one before installing this new release.

Please rate it if you like the app and feel free to ask if you need any assistance.

3239 days agoGreat news! You can now add new sip extensions to your account. This is handy when you want to use the same account on multiple sip devices. You can create multiple extensions for free calling between your branches/offices.

You can also check your sip device(s) registration status live and see if your extensions are registered to the Clickncall sip server properly or not.

4158 days agoCall recording is now available with the Clickncall service! Simply press ## to start recording during a phone conversation and ## to end the recording (or simply hang up). The audio recording wav file is available for download after you log into the website. For details on this please refer to here.
4312 days agoFrom mid-day today we are lowering our Australian mobile rates by more than 21% to $0.15 per minute. This will give back more savings to all of Clickncall's customers. We appreciate and are very grateful for you being our loyal customers. Cheers!
4353 days agoIn addition to ClicknCall's primary sip server we have built a standby/backup sip server located in a geographically different data centre in Australia. This standby sip server is What it means is even when disaster strike our standby server can take over the core VoIP functionalities immediately.

The switch over from primary to backup server is usually handled transparently by your sip device(ATA) using the "SRV record". Don't worry if you don't know what that means. In simple terms should our primary sip server not available you can manually change your sip device(ATA) to use our backup sip server

Having said that our primary sip server has enjoyed 100% uptime during the previous year and above 99.9% uptime overall. With an additional standby server we can now provides you and your business a telephony service with unprecedented high availability and reliability.
4463 days agoWe have put in place a backup ANI callback number (02) 8188-1911 because it's been reported that the regular ANI callback number (02)61006234 is un-reachable from the Optus network. If you have an Optus phone service and use the ClicknCall ANI callback, please use this new number (02) 8188-1911. ANI callback instruction is here.
4471 days agoYou can now schedule a SMS to be sent at a later date time.

This is a great way to set up all your appointment reminders for yourself or for your friends and families.

4479 days agoThe Fritz!box AVM 7390 is in stock and ready for express delivery.

Fritzbox 7390 is one of the best all-in-one device for high-end technology savvy or new-to-tech users. It serves as your modem, wireless router, voip adaptor, NAS storage, print server, cordless DECT phone base station and much much more.

Don't forget the 7390 has a 5 year warranty, Gigabit Lan and Gigabit WAN for NBN, as well as VOIP, PSTN, NAS, ADSL2+,DECT and more. If you are looking for the best device and reduce your clutter the Fritz!box will not disappoint.

4495 days agoYou can now reach us by SMS. If you would like to get in touch with us using SMS you can compose a message beginning with "URGENT#" and text it to us. For example, your SMS can be like this: URGENT#Your message here.

Then SMS the above message to "0406719054" and the SMS will be forwarded to the mobile phone of the staff who is on duty.

4515 days agoTwo way SMS is now available at no extra cost. This means you can choose to receive your SMS reply into your online SMS inbox instead of your own mobile handset. It's a great way to keep connected even without a mobile phone or mobile number.
4555 days agoNumber overstamping is now in full support. You can overstamp your calls with your own phone number(s). So when you call your friends and families in Australia using ClicknCall they can see your real number shown up on their phone rather than a "Private" number and take your call. You can set up number overstamping here.
4562 days agoYou can now add a list of pre-authorized phone numbers to be associated with your account when using the calling card service.

The pinless calling card feature is live so check it out here.

4571 days agoWe have enhanced the speed dial feature. You can now use speed dial directly from your sip phone (or other sip device). You can press 1#, 2# etc without punching in the full number once you have your speed dial entries set up.
4614 days agoThe team at ClicknCall just wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a very happy and safe holiday season.

As Christmas is an expensive time, save some money by using voip to call your friends and families, or SMS them to keep in touch.
Happy Voiping!

4688 days agoWe have enhanced the fax system. You can now add an optional "fax header" to your fax. This is useful when you want to add your own fax number or company name to the out-going fax. Each fax page is also automatically paginated.
The address book entries are available in a drop down list to choose as your destination fax number. Any address book entries with a "fax" in the name will be shown in the drop down list when you send fax.
4720 days agoYou can dial 222 to do a "echo" test from your sip phone or dial 333 to check your account balance.
4722 days agoIf you know(or care) about codecs, ClicknCall actually supports a range of codecs including iLBC which works better with 3G mobile broadband or slower Internet connection. You can contact us to enable iLBC on your sip account if you require this codec (Please note your sip device also need to support iLBC for this to work).
4761 days agoYou can set your SMS senderID to be your business name (limited to 8 alphanumeric characters) rather than your actual mobile number. This feature is useful for business to send appointment/meetings reminders and notifications. Please contact us to set this up if you like to use this SMS feature.
4786 days ago

EDIT: Work has been completed.
We will be doing some maintenance work on one of our core server on Monday, 20th June from 3:00 AM. This work is expected to last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. During this time it's not possible to log into the website or make any calls.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We anticipate that the interruption is minimal during such odd hours on Monday morning but please contact us if you have any questions.

4793 days agoWe now support CallerID over-stamping on calls to Australian mobiles. CLI over-stamping are partially supported on calls to OZ landlines and international calls.

If you like to set your CallerID please contact us with your nominated number.

4793 days agoWe have added this "ClicknCall News" section in order to keep you informed about ClicknCall.

So please be sure to log in often and read this page to keep posted about the latest enhancement, features and development work from ClicknCall.

From time to time we also post tips and tricks here on how to make the best of your ClicknCall voip system.

Recent developments:

We have developed a reseller system so individual and business can offer voip products to your own customers and start earning.

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