How much does a call to Philippines from Australia cost?

The cost of making a call to Philippines from Australia is from 18.79 cents per minute with no hidden charges.

How can I make cheap calls to Philippines from Australia?

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cheap calls to Philippines Cheap international calls rates

Local time in Manila is 11:36 am Wednesday.
Best call rates from Australia to PHILIPPINES. This is a live localtime clock face showing the current time of 11:36 am Wednesday in Manila.

Make cheap International calls to Philippines from 18.79 cents per minute with no connection fee, no hidden cost and no contract. You simply dial from your sip/VoIP phone to call your friends and family members in Philippines. With ClicknCall you can drastically reduce your international calling expense and save. You don't even need any Internet connection to make cheap calls to Philippines! You can use it just like a phone calling card by calling the local access numbers or the global access numbers.
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Only 5 cents per SMS message sent to Philippines mobiles from your web browser.

Call rates to Philippines
DestinationPrefixRate (AUD)Charge Unit
Philippines - mobile globe6391618.79 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile globe6392618.79 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile globe6392718.79 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile globe6391718.79 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile globe6391518.79 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile globe6390618.79 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile globe6390518.79 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile globe6381718.79 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile globe6393618.79 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile globe6393718.79 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile globe6393518.79 centsper minute
Philippines6320.45 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6393022.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6393922.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6393822.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6392022.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6392822.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile digitel6393322.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart639822.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6390722.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6390822.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6390922.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6394622.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6392122.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6391022.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6391222.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6391822.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6391922.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile smart6392922.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile digitel6393222.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile digitel6392222.43 centsper minute
Philippines - mobile digitel6392322.43 centsper minute
Philippines mobile63928.79 centsper minute

Making cheap calls to Philippines has never been easier! Call another country:

Making cheap calls to Philippines:

  • Make cheap calls to Philippines from Australia
  • 63 - country code for the Philippines
  • area code - 1 - 2 digit area codes
  • phone number - 7 digits
Some of the area codes in the Philippines:
Angeles 45 Dagupan 75 Naga 54
Bacolod 34 Davao 82 Olongapo 47
Baguio 74 Dumaguete 35 Roxas (Isabela) 78
Baliuag 44 General Santos 83 San Fernando (La Union) 72
Butuan 85 Guagua 45 San Pablo 93
Cabanatuan 44 Iloilo 33 San Pedro 2
Cagayan de Oro 88 Los Banos 49 Santa Cruz (Zambales) 47
Calamba (Laguna) 49 Lucena 42 Santiago 78
Calbayog 55 Malolos 44 Tacloban 53
Cebu 32 Manila 2 Toledo 32
Cotabato 64 Marawi 63 Zamboanga 62

Philippines telecommunications:
The telecommunication business in the Philippine is a regulated entity. All telecommunications and broadcast services and facilities in the Philippines is supervised and controlled by the National Telecommunications Commision (NTC) which adopts and promulgates such guidelines, rules, and regulations.

Philippines is one of the great telecom success stories in recent years, fueled by tremendous growth in mobile and text messaging services. The number of mobile subscribers has leapt five-fold since 2000 to 32.5 million, topping 41 percent penetration.

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PSE: TEL, NYSE: PHI), commonly known as PLDT, is the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines. PLDT is also the largest company in the Philippines, ranked 1138th in the April 2009 update, and 1080th in the April 2010 update, of Forbes' Global 2000 list.

This remarkable growth is due both to innovative pre-paid pricing packages, and to the unparalleled adoption of short message service (SMS) text messaging as an alternative to traditional voice calls. Philippines mobile services providers Smart, the PLDT subsidiary, and Globe Telecom were among the first in the world to utilize mobile pre-paid calling plans. The result is wide household penetration of basic access services throughout even low income areas. As important, SMS has caught on with a fervor that is unrivaled anywhere in the world. Domestic text traffic is thought to outweigh that of voice by a factor of 10 to 1. Non-voice services account for approximately 40 percent of mobile carrier revenues.

The rapid rise in mobile communications has come at the expense of the fixed line network. Fixed line penetration is about 4 lines per hundred and the installed base is steadily eroding.

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