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Local time in Monrovia is 8:00 pm Wednesday.
Best call rates from Australia to LIBERIA. This is a live localtime clock face showing the current time of 8:00 pm Wednesday in Monrovia.

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Only 5 cents per SMS message sent to Liberia mobiles from your web browser.

Call rates to Liberia
DestinationPrefixRate (AUD)Charge Unit
Liberia - mobiles2313864.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles2313964.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles2314064.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles2314164.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles2314664.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles2314764.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles2315064.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles2315164.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles2315564.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles2316464.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles2316564.36 centsper minute
Liberia - mobiles231764.36 centsper minute
Liberia23165.78 centsper minute

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