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Local time in Toronto is 4:02 pm Wednesday.
Best call rates from Australia to CANADA. This is a live localtime clock face showing the current time of 4:02 pm Wednesday in Toronto.

Make cheap International calls to Canada from 1.5 cents per minute with no connection fee, no hidden cost and no contract. You simply dial from your sip/VoIP phone to call your friends and family members in Canada. With ClicknCall you can drastically reduce your international calling expense and save. You don't even need any Internet connection to make cheap calls to Canada! You can use it just like a phone calling card by calling the local access numbers or the global access numbers.
You can make cheap international calls to Canada from Australia using our best quality VoIP services or use it just like an old-fashion calling card without any Internet connection.

Only 5 cents per SMS message sent to Canada mobiles from your web browser.

Call rates to Canada
DestinationPrefixRate (AUD)Charge Unit
Canada: sw ontario: windsor15191.5 centsper minute
Canada: s cent. ontario: greater toronto19051.5 centsper minute
Canada: nova scotia, prince edward islan19021.5 centsper minute
Canada: yukon, northwest territories18671.5 centsper minute
Canada: w ontario18071.5 centsper minute
Canada: northern alberta, north of lacom17801.5 centsper minute
Canada: british columbia: greater vancou17781.5 centsper minute
Canada: newfoundland and labrador17091.5 centsper minute
Canada: ne ontario17051.5 centsper minute
Canada: s cent. ontario: toronto16471.5 centsper minute
Canada: se ontario: ottawa16131.5 centsper minute
Canada: british columbia: greater vancou16041.5 centsper minute
Canada: manitoba12041.5 centsper minute
Canada: sw quebec: montreal city15141.5 centsper minute
Canada: new brunswick15061.5 centsper minute
Canada: southeastern quebec14501.5 centsper minute
Canada: sw quebec: montreal city14381.5 centsper minute
Canada: ne quebec: quebec14181.5 centsper minute
Canada: s cent. ontario14161.5 centsper minute
Canada: southern alberta14031.5 centsper minute
Canada: greater toronto area12891.5 centsper minute
Canada: british columbia12501.5 centsper minute
Canada: sw ontario: windsor12261.5 centsper minute

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What is the cheapest way to call Canada from Australia? Using a phone card? Optus, Telstra?
No, the best way is to use ClicknCall. You can use it just like a phone card but without all the hidden charges. You can use it as a VOIP account. You can use callback service on your normal landline to make cheap calls to Canada.
ClicknCall offers the most competitive rate to Canadian landlines and cheap calls to Canadian mobiles with the best quality.
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How to call Canada

  • You do not need to dial "0011" when making cheap calls to Canada from Australia.
  • 1 - country code for Canada
  • area code - 3 digit area codes
  • phone number - 7 digits; in most cases area code and number total 11 digits in Canada

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