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Local time in Brunei is 5:59 pm Monday.
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Telephone service throughout the country is excellent. International service is good to Europe, US and East Asia.
At present, Brunei Darussalam boasts one of the most advanced telecommunication facilities in the region with a fixed-line telephone density of 25 per cent, second only to Singapore.

The Sultanate has an extensive network of external plants consisting of copper and fibre optic cables, complete digital exchanges with adequate international connectivity via the satellite system and the fibre optics submarine cable systems.

Telecommunication was first introduced to Brunei as early as 1920 with the installation of the international wireless telegraph circuit linking the country to Labuan.

The first telephone service was introduced in the 1930s, linking the British Residence Office and his residence.

Jabatan Telekom Brunei (JTB) was established as a government department in 1952 and is responsible for the development of communication systems and infrastructure, as well as the drastic transformation in telecommunication services, especially after Brunei's independence in 1984.

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