Financial Hardship Policy

Although we offer pre-paid services only this policy has been developed to outline the minimum standards that ClicknCall will adopt in relation to dealing with residential customers who do not have the capacity to pay a bill due to financial hardship. ClicknCall will treat all customers with fairness and compassion as far as possible within statutory and commercial business constraints.

  • To recognise that some customers are experiencing genuine hardship and require assistance.
  • To assist customers in meeting their financial obligations and responsibilities to ClicknCall.
  • To offer options to meet individual customers needs.
  • To assist customers to proactively manage their accounts.
  • To allow for a continuance of the relationship between ClicknCall and the customer.
  • To fulfil the requirements of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code in regards to Customer Financial Hardship.

What is financial hardship?

The Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code defines financial hardship as:

"A situation where a Customer is unable, reasonably, because of illness, unemployment or other reasonable cause, to discharge their financial obligations under their contract with the Supplier, and the Customer reasonably expects to be able to discharge those obligations if payment and/or Service arrangements were changed. Financial hardship can be of limited or long-term duration."

ClicknCall Financial Hardship Policy

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